Mar 17

Business Insider recently had an article ranking the top 12 Marvel movies. I think they captured the essence of the Marvel Universe, but I have some disagreements with the positioning of some of the movies. Please understand I am ranking these in the order I have enjoyed them. This is not a critique of the movie or a comment on the importance of the movie in the Marvel Universe.

BI’s Rankings

    12. The Wolverine
    11. The Amazing Spiderman
    10. Ant Man
    9. The Incredible Hulk
    8. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    7. Deadpool
    6. Captain America: The First Avenger
    5. Iron Man
    4. The Avengers
    3. X-Men: Days of Future Past.
    2. Iron Man 3
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy

    My Marvel movie rankings

    12. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
    11. Thor
    10. Iron Man 2
    9. Ant Man
    8. The Incredible Hulk
    7. Iron Man
    6. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    5. The Avengers
    4. Deadpool
    3. Iron Man 3
    2. Captain America: The First Avenger
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy

    So there are my “Top 12” Marvel movies. I am looking forward to Captain America: Civil War and Guardians II in the next couple years. I have high hopes for a Deadpool 2 and the final movie in The Avengers trilogy. We will see how these future movies impact my list.

Mar 16

As immature and crude as it is…I think I have to see this one.

Feb 28

Dar’s Awesome Oscar Contest Live Chat 2016!

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Feb 03

Today, the first Wednesday in February, has nearly become a national holiday for college football fans. So many fans invest a lot of time and effort in celebrating or berating their programs due to the success of the new signees of a recruiting class. Let me be clear, recruiting is a vital part of building a successful program with sustainability. I understand how important it is for a college football program to recruit well. Recruiting impacts future success, marketability of the school and program, numerous coaches credibility and earning potential, and moral and culture inside the team and even the university.

So if it is so important, why don’t I pay much attention to recruiting? Because nobody, not the coaches, not the rating services, not the universities, or even the recruited athletes have any idea how this will play out over the next 4 years. For a personal analogy, I equate it to the path to becoming a financial advisor. The first step is passing the Series 7 exam. This is a challenging test that takes months of preparation. You invest heavily in making sure you understand butterfly spreads, puts and calls, and beta for risk analysis. Success on the Series 7, a vital step to achieving the goal of a career in the financial services industry, is only the first step. It doesn’t determine the career, there is so much more that goes into making it as an advisor. Well, signing a great class doesn’t really move a program much closer to a National Championship appearance.

Yes a program like Alabama signs great raw talent year and year out. What they do with that talent is why they are annual contenders. Or take Michigan this past season, that was Jim Harbaugh and his staff utilizing recruits Brady Hoeke couldn’t win with and putting together a great 1st season. I am far more interested in what a staff does with the talent on campus than I am with the 17-18 year old kids that just agreed to come to school. These kids may have blossomed early and capped out on talent, they might make really poor choices and get bounced out of school, they might not commit fully to the football and decide they are more interested in other pursuits, or they may become world beaters. Frankly the decision on 5th year players is more important. Those guys have experience, have shown commitment to the program, and the coaches deciding if they have value as a 5 year player could be critical. How well coaches do at molding these recruits into young men and keep them in line and earning their degrees is more important. How well coaches do in preparing these kids for the rigors of a football season as a student athlete is more important. How well coaches adjust and take a kid who was a 5 star receiver and recognize he should be a corner or safety is more important.

So enjoy signing day, but don’t talk to be about these recruits. They have gone through a terrible process and experienced huge ups and downs to get to today. I am happy for them all, but I invest my energy in spring ball and how well the staff develops the raw talent they now have under their tutelage.

Jan 30

Six years, I think he has earned this security. I think this helps in recruiting and in program stability and growth. I am glad to see him commit to these additional years. I realize he may still jump ship for the NFL or even another college job, but overall it was a wise decision by AD Swarbrick and Father Jenkins to get this new contract put in place.

Coaches contracts in college football are a bit of a crazy thing. I mean, did UND do this because they finally finished paying off the Charlie Weis contract last year? Now if they fire Brian Kelly they probably owe him a long payout. All in all this is how they have to play the game or run the risk of losing the best coach UND has had since sweet Lou Holtz.

Read more about this here, here and here.

Jan 29

I thought these were some really cool comparisons to help us understand where we fit on this crazy blue marble.

Jan 27

Vision is a unique skill in a leader. There are many people who are capable of implementing and executing a plan as a leader. However, it is far more rare for a leader to also create the vision and have the fortitude to stick with it over the long haul. This article talks about Tom Ricketts and his vision for the Chicago Cubs. Note that it isn’t just the players on the field, it is an overall vision of the entity and how it meshes into the community. This kind of thinking may or may not create a World Series champ on the North side, but it will undoubtedly benefit many in the Chicago area.

This kind of vision when executed by the leadership team of the Cubs will address the viability of the players on the field, but it will also bring people to the area, develop revenue streams so that the club can add or maintain amenities, and build long term, sustainable success. I always admire leaders who can “play the long game” in todays business world where success or failure is often determined in a single season or in corporations a single quarter of financial results. I look forward to seeing what happens to the Cubs organization as a whole in the next several years.

Jan 19

First it was resort fees now pay to park on the Strip?  C’mon man. I understand that business has to find ways to hang on to profit margin but tacking a fee on for structures that have stood for years is tacky. It makes some sense for downtown and Freemo t street to have to charge for parking given the lower visitor counts and limited space. But the Strip?  

This is getting as bad as the airlines! What’s next? Pay to piss?

Jan 05

This article from Business Insider is a really interesting study of the time we have in life. When you really start to break it down and there is a graphical representation of our time in life, you can realize how short a time we have to spend with those we love.

Choose wisely with how you spend your time.

Dec 31

Create Your Own Visited States Map

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